Why you should think twice before using DIY orthodontics

“At home” or “DIY” orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular. At first glance, there are some seemingly attractive things about this: getting aligners mailed to your door, being able to get started right away online, and going through orthodontic treatment without having to ever step foot in an orthodontist office. If DIY orthodontics has piqued your interest, let us fill you in on why you should think twice before diving into teledentistry.

What is DIY orthodontics?

If you aren’t familiar, DIY orthodontics is a new idea that is popping up in the media. The system works like this: first, you take an impression of your own teeth at home and send it in. You then receive your aligners in the mail. Most teledentistry companies claim that treatment times take somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 months.

Easy enough, right? Not so fast. There is a reason that orthodontists go to 2 more years of school after dental school to become specialized in orthodontics. There is a lot that goes into giving you a beautiful smile. Here’s why you should leave it to the experts:

Doesn’t address bite (or any other issues)

These DIY systems might straighten your teeth, but they fail to address other oral problems, and can, therefore, make them worse or even create new problems. Your jaw and bite also have to be taken into consideration when improving a smile. If teeth are moved without addressing a bite issue, this could create problems with oral functions such as chewing.

No one is monitoring your progress

It might sound appealing to not have to see an orthodontist, but those quick check-up appointments with your orthodontist are incredibly important for your treatment. Your orthodontist can check to make sure everything is going okay and moving how they expected—because believe it or not, sometimes teeth don’t move how they are supposed to! Also, if bite or jaw issues are present, your orthodontist can assess what needs to be done to give you a perfect all-around smile.

The price isn’t “all that”

If you think you are saving money with DIY orthodontics, think again. If you try out one of these at-home systems, chances are you are going to have to see an actual orthodontist to correct damage from doing it yourself. Then you’re paying even more on top of the price of the DIY treatment. Many orthodontists offer payment plans and other services to help make financing your orthodontic treatment less of a burden. It’s worth saving up for the real deal, trust us!

We hope that this has helped open your eyes to the dangers of DIY orthodontics. Do yourself a favor and see an orthodontist if you want to improve your smile. Nothing can replace their knowledge, care, and expertise during your treatment!

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