The 3 Questions Patients Ask Most About Orthodontics – And Our Answers

We see tons of patients every single day, and not a day goes by without us hearing one of these questions: When am I done? Will it hurt? How much will it cost? We would like to share our answers to these patient FAQs to help you better understand these key aspects of orthodontic treatment!

When am I done?

This is often a question that is top of mind for our patients, even before they begin treatment. Every case is different, and the way each patient responds to treatment varies. We do our best to provide our patients with a range for their treatment based on our best educated guess…from our most optimistic completion date to our most pessimistic.

When we get this question, we also take it as an opportunity to educate our patients on their role in their treatment. There are in fact things you can control that can help move treatment along. Keeping teeth clean, wearing appliances as directed, and keeping appointments can help keep treatment on track and even speed it up.

Above all, we try to set realistic expectations for our patients, and help them understand that patience is required during orthodontic treatment!

Will it hurt?

We understand that the fear of pain during treatment can cause some anxiety for patients. There is, unfortunately, some minor discomfort associated with both braces and aligners. However, this discomfort is very manageable, and we’ve never had a patient who couldn’t tolerate it.

There are two types of discomfort our patients usually experience in response to starting treatment:  

  1. Irritation due to having a new appliance in your mouth (this may include rubbing against the cheeks, lips, and tongue)
  2. Aching and a feeling of tightness, which results from activating the orthodontic system

Even though both of these are temporary as your mouth adjusts to your appliance, we understand that this can be uncomfortable and annoying for patients. We typically prescribe acetaminophen or ibuprofen to be taken both before and after braces are put on. Additionally, we provide patients with a “Survival Kit” and printed informational material. Lastly, we always encourage our patients to view the relationship with us as a partnership—we’re here to help!

How much will it cost?

This is often the very first question we are asked during our initial consultation with patients. We get it, orthodontics can be a large expense and it needs to work for you. That is one reason why your initial consultation is free! Beyond that, the cost of treatment is largely patient-dependent, based on your needs, insurance coverage, and more.

When talking about cost, it is important to us to build value for our treatment and help you understand each step of the process and what to expect. We also have partnered with OrthoFi to provide our patients with flexible payment options so that treatment is more accessible to all. You also have to consider what you are willing to pay for high-quality treatment, a five-star experience, and a beautiful smile for life.

We’re here for you

We understand that you will have questions and concerns walking in to your initial consultation. We’re here to educate you, work with you, and walk you through the entire process so that you can have the best experience possible! Learn more about the orthodontic process in our book, Giving It To You Straight, available on Amazon. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, visit our website and give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation.