How technology plays into orthodontic treatment

Staying on top of technology is a core value to our practice. In this day and age, it’s a necessity, as innovation continues and things change so fast.

With improvements in technology, we’ve not only been able to cut the length of total treatment time, but to shorten office visits, too. Our goal is to keep appointments to thirty minutes or less, a far cry from the hour-and-a-half appointments that were standard across the industry not too long ago.

Here’s how we use technology to meet these goals.


Digital Appointment Booking and Check-In

You can use our website to find a time and day that work for you and book your appointment quickly and easily. Next, you can provide all your information safely and securely through OrthoFi system before you come in for your first appointment, saving you time. (Or use one of our iPads when you check in.) Finally, we’ve digitized check-in, too, to save you time. A self-check-in kiosk allows you to quickly check in for your appointment and change any contact information, if necessary.

If you prefer the human touch, you are of course welcome to call or to speak to our friendly front desk staff. But our goal is to get to the point where you can do everything digitally if that’s what you prefer.


Scanners and More 

X-rays are still important to our practice but there’s much more we can do with scans nowadays than in the past. By using advanced 3-D scanners, we can skip the sticky goop that used to be necessary to make a mold of the teeth and instead use technology to get the information we need to plan treatment and make retainers. These create a perfect, permanent electronic record of your teeth, which is great in case we need to refer back to an earlier point in treatment.

Another benefit: One of the most common questions we get from new patients is “What will my teeth look like when treatment is done?” In the past, the best we could do was show you after photos of other patients. Now, we can use new technology to create a simulation of what your teeth will look like after treatment is complete. We are so excited about this feature, and our patients love it so much, that we incorporate it into our new patient experience.


High-Tech Orthodontic Materials and Treatments 

The materials used in orthodontic treatment are also changing with the times, becoming stronger, more efficient, and in some cases, more attractive. In our office, we employ things like hypoallergenic and biocompatible adhesives and brackets, thin yet strong nickel titanium wires for braces, and coated wires that match the color of the teeth.

We also use a variety of treatments that go beyond the traditional wire bracket and metal braces, including clear aligner systems (like Invisalign), “passive” braces systems like Damon braces, and the In-Ovation system, which uses both active and passive braces.


A Better Experience

Our dedication to new technology has transformed our practice and the patient experience. The goal is not to embrace new technology for technology’s sake, but to make the most of your treatment, so it can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know every minute of your time is precious, and we respect that.