Ask the Orthos | Get to know our core values & how they shape our practices

Choosing an orthodontist can be hard. You just want someone to fix your teeth, right? But your relationship with your orthodontist goes on for several years. It’s important for your orthodontist to be someone you trust and feel like you can communicate well with. Get to know us better and read a bit about the values on which we run our practice—and our lives!


Mutual respect in our office is incredibly important to us. We cultivate an environment of respect among our patients and staff by valuing open communication and kindness.


We value the diversity of our office and our patients. Because we focus on diversity, we appreciate our differences and learn from each other and our patients. Our differences are what make us unique!


We take extra steps in our office to ensure that our methods and materials are good for our patients and the environment! Our office sees the importance of being eco-friendly in our work and trying to leave the earth better than we found it.


This value is multifaceted. We prioritize growth and learning in our practice so we can fulfill our mission and continue to expand the reach and improve the quality of our work. We also commit ourselves to be part of the growing process with our patients. As we work to better your smile, we want to help you grow into a more confident, happy person.


We are so appreciative of our patients and our staff. Because of them, we get to do what we love every single day!

Our hope is that our values are evident to anyone who walks through our door for an initial consultation up until their very last appointment. These values are vital in building solid relationships with our patients as well as providing a great experience throughout treatment. That’s why we put them at the core of our practice and everything we do! We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best service to our customers and that’s why we love it when people refer us by saying, “ask the orthos.”

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